Selling Your Home in Minong, Hayward, or Spooner, WI?

Take care of your pre-listing home inspection with TM Home Inspections

If you're getting ready to sell your home in the Minong, Hayward, or Spooner Wisconsin area, it's a good idea to schedule a pre-listing home inspection. Home inspection services from TM Home Inspections LLC will give you and your buyer a sense of security during the transaction. You can avoid surprises during closing by repairing or disclosing problems ahead of time.

A pre-listing home inspection costs $275 and can take anywhere from two and a half to three hours. Within 24 hours of your home inspection services, our team will send you a detailed report with photos and any relevant information about the inspection.

Set up your pre-listing home inspection today by calling 715-597-6139.

3 good reasons to get a pre-listing home inspection

A pre-listing home inspection can change the game when you're trying to sell your home in Minong, Hayward, or Spooner, Wisconsin. TM Home Inspections offers home inspection services so you can...

  1. Justify the selling price. With a pre-listing home inspection, you can get a better estimate of your home's value and price it fairly.
  2. Make repairs. If you know that something is wrong with your home before it goes on the market, you have the opportunity to fix it before a buyer walks away.
  3. Accelerate the process. After-the-fact home inspection services can slow down the closing process. Having a pre-listing home inspection can make this process go faster.

Before you put your home on the market, get a pre-listing inspection from TM Home Inspections. Call us today to schedule yours.